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Progress Volume 02

It’s always interesting to see what happens when you start moving... Not just moving across the world but moving with your body and mind. After twomonths in Bali I can definitely feel things are shifting, evolving and new things are coming soon.


I never really spend a good amount of time in Asia before. My trip to Bali was kind of a test to see how things will work, and how I will respond to so many new things in my life all at once. Meeting new people, new thoughts, cultures and experiences - It’s unbelievable! I would never ever change the experiences I've had.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of things going through my head as I've hit the road. One thing I've observed is how many people actually live on the road, travelling, searching and enjoying their journey along the way. I decided to join a co-working space in Ubud, and I must say that it's one the best one I have seen. Really nice people who are committed to growing the community and creating a place that feels like home. Every day different creatives share talks, social lunches and drinks. It's great to see tons of people passionate about their craft and working hard. They live their lives on their own terms and I can see how great it is.

Now my journey continues. I'm in Europe right now to catch up with family and friends. I will be telling more in my next newsletter.


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BookFeck Perfuction
New book from James Victore. One of my favourite designer. Not because of his work but because of his methodology. He is spreading the message to be wild, creative and most importantly to find your voice.

Whose schedule are you on?Hurry Slowly
I've been following Jason for years that when I discover this podcast, I wasn't at all surprised about him being a guest. It's a great episode discussing where work actually happens, and what it means.

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Video The Faker You Are, the More Successful You Can Be
This video is a hilarious video about how designers work. Pablo is a talented designer and illustrator.




Displaay Type Foundry →

It's great to see nice fonts, especially the ones made by your friends. I love seeing the behind the scenes craft that goes into each typeface. I'm using Matter for my own brand and logo. You should check it out!

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