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Taking remote work to new places

The last few years have been quite an adventure for me, from a full-time job to freelancing and now fully embracing remote work. People have been asking me about my story, and I have decided to share it.


I decided to go freelance and see what's out there. I jumped into it and got my first gig, and I started freelancing full-time. I even got an agent and started working with them on my career and future. It's great to have people who believe in you and support you. I will talk about it more in the future.

I have been freelancing for more than two and a half years, and it's been a blessing and a hard time as well. It involves not only beautiful Instagram photos, exotic countries and free time, but also loneliness, anxiety, long nights, working weekends and times when you don't know if a new project is coming next week or in six months.


Why I decided to do more remote work?

Probably nine months ago, I realised that even when I worked inside agencies or in-house, I didn't need to work from their office. Tools are so great now you can work from anywhere. Thus, I decided to go even further, and I moved out of the city to test it out. I moved to a small town in the middle of South Island and changed my lifestyle entirely. I could still work for my clients, who were all around the world. I set up my processes and tools, and I learned new skills on how to keep a routine, communicate better, improve, and simplify my design process, and how people give me feedback. All of these gave me an idea for my next steps. There is no need to be in the same city as your employer or client anymore. You can do great work from anywhere.

That's why I decided to join Remote Year ( It is a year-long program where I travel and work with people like me. The goals are to create new connections, see the world, meet like-minded people, and push me to be a better person and designer. I just started this journey a few weeks ago, and I can already see how things are changing for me.

Where we work has changed, so why not change how we work? Embrace the unknown and push your limits. Below are a few reasons why I like working remotely.

  • I don't need to commute every day

  • Not being distracted all the time, I can have more time to do my work

  • I can work when it is best for me and deliver an even better job for my clients

  • I can travel around the world, discover places, and meet people who will make me a better designer

  • I can work with companies that I couldn't otherwise (different cities, different countries)

  • I'm the one driving my life


So I decided to start a series of articles called Remote, which will be about how it is to travel and work remotely. I will be talking about ideas, problems, tools, collaborations, processes, and how I run my business.

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Here are a few articles that I found useful a few years back when I was looking into full-time remote work.

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